1:1 Coaching & Mentoring

Are you an over-achieving city worker who is dominating in your career yet your job doesn’t light you up?

You’re on a path of what you feel you ‘should’ be doing but it feels like you’re achieving somebody else’s version of success?

Have you always dreamed of running your own business one day but can’t find the right ‘idea’?

You’ve come to the right place. Clarity and beliefs are two vital ingredients of success.

You cannot achieve your goals without clarity about what they really are. If you are plagued with societal pressure about what you ‘should’ be doing vs what you truly want to do, you will find yourself making excuses and justifying the path you are on, ultimately never taking action.

No-one talks about the in-between bit, the stage between recognising you’re on the wrong path and navigating to the right one. This is arguably the toughest part to navigate and it’s virtually impossible to do alone.

Most will never do it or give up trying.

Having a coach or a mentor is the fastest way to speed up performance and ultimate success. Most successful people, entrepreneurs, athletes, great leaders of this world have multiple mentors and coaches to help guide them on their path to success.

Learning from someone who has ‘been there’ can shave years off of your path to success. It took me 5 YEARS to get the guts to quit my job to start a business, I want to help you to navigate onto your path much quicker, avoiding the mistakes I made.

I work with 1:1 clients to…

  • Get clarity on their life goals, desires, passions and define their own version of success

  • Transform their mindset by unblocking psychological barriers and beliefs that are no longer serving them

  • Create a plan of action and hold them accountable to step into the life they truly deserve

Together, we’ll define your own version of success, reconnect with your true identity and discover the real impact you want to make on the world.

There is a reason you’re here today. Give yourself the chance you deserve.

Refuse to settle. say yes to defining your own version of success.

Please note: My 1:1 program is reserved exclusively for women and men who are ready to take massive action, including doing the inner work required to transform their future. Please only reach out if you are serious and committed to investing in yourself and putting in the hard work required.

The saddest sight is a human being who settled for a life they never wanted because they listened to others who did the same


My clarity coaching session with Suzie was brilliant! As a business owner with lots of ideas, I wanted to gain clarity as to where to take it next. Suzie helped me visualise my dreams and then helped me create objectives and actions that I can take right now to move forward. Suzie is an excellent coach, with a professional yet really personable approach. I love how she even incorporated a bit of meditation into our session. I couldn’t recommend her enough!
— Amanda, Winchester UK (www.amandacalland.com)
Suzie was incredibly motivating and really allowed me to become clear with my goals for my business. Her guidance was invaluable and I look forward to continuing to work with her and see how I can progress and fulfil my dreams.
— Balance by Hayley, London UK (www.balancebyhayley.com)
I absolutely loved my coaching session with Suzie. She’s amazing at enabling you to open up your mind, shape your life goals and distinguish what your barriers are and how you can overcome them. Whether it’s business, relationships or career, the coaching really enables you to take a step back from the daily grind and look at your life and goals. I would highly recommend!
— Sarah, Sydney Australia
I enjoyed my coaching with Suzie a lot! It is a great practice for the ones who are looking for not only clarity about future plans but also for visioning what you wish you attract in your life. I must say my mood before and after session was just visibly different. I felt very motivated and concentrated afterwards and I still practice the visioning/manifestation that we did during clarity session.
— Begum, Frankfurt Germany
I really enjoyed my coaching session with Suzie. She gave me excellent advice which I have followed and seen the results I wanted. I left the session feeling so optimistic about myself - She will put you at complete ease, and help you achieve your full potential. I would highly recommend Suzie, and I really look forward to my next and future sessions!
— Heidi, London UK
My coaching with Suzie was really valuable and informative. Suzie helped me to identify my passions and potential career opportunities (some that I hadn’t even thought about!), and plot out some achievable goals to take me that much closer to career happiness.I left the call feeling motivated and optimistic about my future career opportunities, would highly recommend this programme to anyone thinking about it!
— Laura, London UK