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The WELL + WILD Podcast



This podcast is all about sharing people’s stories who have done the unconventional and achieved success, on their own terms. They managed to escape a path that they recognised wasn’t for them and instead, chose to do something wild and aim for their true desires.

By sharing their stories, I want to show the world that success is possible for any passion you have and if you have a different dream to the one you are living now, that’s ok and that it’s never too late to change direction and create your own version of success.




This week I chatted with Stefan Camilleri, an incredible yoga teacher and entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia. Stefan started out working in a factory job and quickly decided it wasn’t for him, through this episode he tells his story of how he found yoga, started out as a teacher and ultimately built a business which enables him to travel the world whilst hosting retreats, teacher trainings and workshops.

We also dive into the topic of men and yoga, advice for those who have been reluctant to try it, why they should get over their fears and advice for your first class.

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This week I chatted with Emily Stoner, a super talented wedding planner from Brighton. Emily started out working in banking and ultimately decided it wasn’t for her. Emily delves into the reasons as to why she chose to leave Finance for self employment, gives a really interesting insight into life as a wedding planner and her experiences of running her own business. She also gives some really valuable advice and tips for those who are thinking about entrepreneurship.

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This week I spoke to JB, the founder of the tech company PetRescue. Based in Perth, Australia JB built his career around his love of technology, starting several different business and working for a few companies, he ultimately founded PetRescue, a not-for-profit animal welfare company which uses technology to re-home hundreds of thousands of Australia’s animals.

It was a fascinating discussion where we discussed topics such as entrepreneurship, finding a co-founder, working for the charity sector. JB also shared a really honest and insightful perspective on men and mental health.

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This week I spoke with Sara Zavik, a yoga teacher and business owner originally from the US but now living in Melbourne, Australia. Sara has been travelling the world all throughout her 20s whilst building up an incredible yoga career and business called EONAYOGA

It’s a really inspiring conversation where we discussed topics such as choosing travel over the conventional route in life, losing a sense of identity after injury in sport, building lasting relationships whilst travelling, being spontaneous and living without regrets.

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#5 Elite Level Sport & Mindset - Lewis Hatchett - Ex-Professional Cricketer & Business Owner

This week I spoke to Lewis Hatchett, a former professional cricketer, now business owner and yoga teacher. Lewis’ story is incredibly inspirational, he was born with a rare condition called Poland Syndrome where he’s missing his right pectoral muscle and two ribs. His parents were told by doctors at birth that he wouldn’t be able to play sport at all but Lewis didn’t let that hold him back and went on to play cricket professionally for Sussex for many years.

He discusses mindset, attitude, determination and his journey to playing cricket professionally. He also explains how a devastating injury forced him to retire, resulting in a complete loss of identity and a really difficult time. He then found a love of yoga, both the physical and mental benefits and went onto start a company called The Sport Yogi.

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#6 Quitting your Corporate Job to Start a Business - Solo Episode with Yours Truly

This week is a solo episode where I dive into my thoughts around the transition of recognising you’re on a path you no longer want to be on to navigating to the right one. I talk a bit about my experience of quitting my job to start a business and the transition period building up to that point. I also discuss why we should aim to enjoy the process rather than waiting to achieve something to ultimately achieve happiness in our lives.

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#7 Side Hobbies & the 9-5 - Meg Harris - Powerlifter & Corporate Professional

This week we have a super impressive guest, her name is Meg Harris, she works in a corporate job she loves but also has a serious side hobby and passion for Powerlifting. We discuss how Powerlifting has brought additional fulfilment to Meg’s life and why it’s important to keep up things we love in addition to work and career.

Meg’s story highlights how fulfilment outside of a corporate job can come in different forms. In this episode, we discuss how Meg got into Powerlifting, the importance of seizing opportunities and how having a passion project/competing impacts her corporate performance in a positive way.

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Doug Robson - The Downward Doug

#8 Swapping the Trading Floor for the Film Industry - Doug Robson aka The Downward Doug - Stuntman & Yoga Teacher

This week we have a super interesting guest with a fascinating story. Doug Robson, originally from Botswana started out his career in the banking industry, he soon realised it wasn’t really fulfilling him, so he left and found himself in the world of stunt performers! He has since performed stunts in Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Kingsman.

More recently, he became interested in Yoga and created his own blend of Yoga called ‘Warrior Yoga’, a mix of martial arts and yoga. Doug teaches regularly at Psycle and Peckham Levels. He is also a Lululemon Ambassador.

We discuss his motivations for leaving the banking industry, why we should challenge ourselves to go after our passions and what makes us happy instead of the perceived ‘safe’ option. I was fascinated to hear more about what a stunt performer does and I quizzed him about his experiences such as getting set alight!

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Amanda Calland Pilates

#9 From Telecoms to Pilates - Amanda Calland - Pilates Instructor & Business Owner

This week we an inspirational guest who happens to be one of my bessies Amanda Calland, a pilates instructor and business owner from Winchester! Mandy started her career in the Telecoms industry but after a few years realised she had a passion for pilates and decided to leave the corporate world to set up her own Pilates business and hasn’t looked back!

Amanda teaches a mixture of classes in studios and at her own local venues. She’s built up her business from scratch and built a loyal client base teaching a mixture of individuals, corporates and 1:1 classes. She also teaches at retreats for Workout Away. We dive into the detail around how she built up her business including advice for anyone who is looking to move into the fitness industry.

As we’ve been friends for 10+ years I know Amanda super well and it was so incredible to chat to her about how far she’s come with her business since leaving the corporate world. She had a vision for what she wanted for her life, took a risk and worked hard to achieve it and she’s certainly accomplished so many things already and I’m so proud of her.

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#10 Mindset - Solo Episode with Moi

This week is a solo episode where I dive into my thoughts around Mindset. I believe the key to happiness is to be able to manipulate your state without any external factors, I delve into this concept and explain how it works. I also discuss my experiences with struggling with my own mindset and the tools I used to improve it and my overall mental health.

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#11 Balancing a Side Passion with a Career - Tom Pope - Endurance Athlete & Exec Headhunter

This week I interview Tom Pope, an endurance athlete with a full time job as an Executive Headhunter (he also happens to be my next door neighbour!). Following some tough personal times with his Mum’s passing, Tom found endurance events as a way to channel his emotions and since has raised an incredible amount of money for the charity Multiple Sclerosis UK.

Tom talks about how he balances endurance competitions with his full time job, how it benefits both him and his employer and advice for anyone who wants to develop a passion on the side of their job. He also explains a bit more about some of the crazy races he’s done including a series of marathons in the Sahara Desert called the Marathon Des Sables.

It’s such an inspirational conversation, from his life experiences so far Tom has such a lot of wisdom to pass on, particularly in terms of putting things into perspective, trusting your gut and spending time on things you love, unapologetically.

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#12 Digital Nomads & The Future of Work - Felipe Galvis - Co-Founder of Live Beyond

This week is a fascinating discussion with Felipe Galvis, Co-Founder of Live Beyond. Felipe began his career in the corporate world as an engineer within the Energy sector where he worked for many years before studying for his MBA at INSEAD. His most recent venture is co-founding a start-up called Live Beyond, who are pioneers of the future of work.

We discuss the challenges of breaking away from corporate life, choosing to do an MBA, experiences of working remotely around the world and the concept of Digital Nomads. We even discuss how the office could become redundant in the near future due to the combination of millennial cultural demands and the evolution of technology.

Felipe has some really interesting perspectives on the future of work and I really enjoyed exploring these concepts with him.

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#13 Finding Fulfilment & Mental Health - Mark Whittle - Podcaster, Business Owner & Corporate Professional

I was so excited to interview Mark as he has achieved incredible things in a short amount of time, his journey resonates so much with my own and I have personally benefited from consuming his content. I have been so inspired by everything he’s been doing and he definitely contributed to inspiring me to take action with my own entrepreneurial ventures.

Mark has an incredible podcast of his own called Take Flight, he has since grown the podcast into a brand and business. He started the podcast after realising his corporate job wasn’t bringing him complete fulfilment in addition to going through some mental health battles. He used these challenges to channel his energy into a podcast to help others in a similar situation. He has worked in Corporate Sales for a large tech company for many years and continues to do so whilst working on his business and podcast.

We discuss Mark’s background, experience in his corporate and the growth of his business and podcast. It’s such a relatable discussion, we discuss what happens when corporate careers don’t live up to expectations, how to cope with that, turn adversity into opportunity and take massive action. We also discuss the importance of personal growth and mental health.

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#14 Gut Health & Entrepreneurship - Nikki Peters - Founder of The Cultured Collective

This week we have Nikki Peters, Founder of The Cultured Collective on talking all things gut health and how she moved from the mining industry to build her incredible business. Founded in early 2016, by Nikki, to share her love of fermented foods with the world, The Cultured Collective is an innovative British brand specialising in craft Kimchi and Sauerkraut. All products are handmade in small batches in the Cotswolds with a focus on high quality natural ingredients and traditional manufacturing processes.

Nikki started her career as a Geologist in the mining industry where she spent many years in Western Australia on exploration projects. She discusses her experience in the corporate world, how the lifestyle took a toll on her health and how she found a love of fermented foods and ultimately decided to create The Cultured Collective. We chat all about her journey including how she landed her first retailer - health food giant Whole Foods!! She also gives some really helpful advice for anyone thinking about starting a product based business.

It’s a super inspiring story and I really enjoyed interviewing Nikki. The Cultured Collective was one of our amazing brand partners for our Take Charge event back in July so it was great to have Nikki on to chat more around how she built the business and explore the concept of gut health in more detail.

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#15 Moving Abroad - Solo Episode - Q&A Around my Decision to Move to Bali

This week is a solo episode where I answer your questions all about my move to Bali!

I delve into my thought process, things that stopped me from taking the leap previously despite wanting to move for a number of years. I recorded this episode in the hope to inspire some of you who might want to move abroad get closer to taking action and booking your ticket, hopefully some of what I talk about resonates and helps you in your own journey.

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#16 Energy Healing & Entrepreneurship - Sushma Sagar - Founder of the Calmery

This week I chat with Sushma Sagar, Founder of The Calmery, an energy healing space and brand located on Harley Street in London. We delve into Sushma’s background of balancing a high flying corporate job as Director of Marketing at Kate Spade with her love of energy healing.

After many years, Sushma ultimately left the corporate world behind to build The Calmery. At The Calmery, you can expect a straightforward, down-to-earth, intelligent approach to modern healing, that you can apply to all areas of your life. You don’t need to be spiritual, religious or interested in the supernatural to benefit. Sushma benefited greatly from energy healing herself that she wanted to introduce it to others, particularly corporate executives who previously may have never come across the practice due to the stereotypes associated with it.

It was fascinating chatting to Sushma about her story and I loved hearing more about the energy healing world and the brand she’s building.

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#17 Building a Business in Wellness - Hannah Holt - Entrepreneur & Ex-Corporate Sales Director

This week we have Wellness Entrepreneur, Hannah Holt of Equanimity joining us! Hannah’s story is super inspiring and relatable, she’s clearly a huge action taker and positive thinker, both of which have led her to build her amazing wellness agency, Equanimity, where she helps to incorporate wellness into the workplace.

Another big decision Hannah chats about is her decision to move to Sydney for most of her 20s and her experience in the city. Upon returning to London, she hit a bit of a dip in her life and hit quite a low point. Feeling fed up with how she felt, Hannah decided to take some time for herself by going on a yoga retreat. It was at the retreat she experienced the benefits of incorporating wellness practices more regularly into her life for her mind, body and overall wellbeing. Following this, she was inspired to bring wellness to the workplace and founded a wellness agency called Equanimity.

What I love about Hannah’s story is that she considered her skillset and strengths that she had developed from her many years in sales roles in the corporate world and combined them with her love of wellness practices, ultimately finding her place in the entrepreneurial world.

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Deakin & Blue Rosie Cook

#18 From Consulting to Entrepreneurship - Rosie Cook - Founder of Deakin & Blue

Welcome to Episode 18 of the Well + Wild Podcast. This week I chat with the inspirational Rosie Cook, founder of transformational swimwear brand Deakin & Blue. Rosie spent many years as a consultant for Deloitte before entering the world of entrepreneurship and building her swimwear brand.

Rosie spotted a gap in the market for swimwear that looked good but was suitable for the local leisure centre! “I realised that swimwear offered either style or substance but almost never both. On one hand – beautiful, flimsy bikinis for lounging about and ordering cocktails; on the other – serious sportswear that offered little shape, support or style. But I wanted a swimsuit that could offer me both.”

We chat all about how she built her business, tips for aspiring entrepreneurs and utilizing your existing skillset. It’s an amazing conversation and I hope you enjoy!

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