I'm passionate about helping burnt out city dwellers switch off and enjoy yoga for themselves.

I spent many years in the corporate world before becoming a yoga teacher and I love to pass on the techniques through yoga to help calm the mind, improve posture and overall mental health.

In my classes, I like to create a safe space for everyone to relax, not take themselves too seriously, take time out and move freely without any judgement.

My style is Vinyasa with a strong emphasis on Alignment. I completed my Yoga Teacher Training with Stefan Camilleri Yoga (Yoga Alliance Accredited Course).



According to the UK’s H&S Exec, 12.5million work days were ‘lost’ due to mental health reasons in 2017, a large proportion due to stress. Yoga helps to reduce this adverse effect on the workforce and can contribute to improving productivity and ultimately your employees’ overall wellbeing.

Yoga helps to:

Reduce stress

Lower anxiety levels

Improve sleep

Relax the mind

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By making time for wellness, you can help improve your overall physical health, mental health and reduce the chance of ill-health.

I offer Wellness Workshops and 1:1 Consultations to equip you with the knowledge and tips of how to improve your overall wellbeing.

Topics covered can include:

Introduction to Mindfulness

Introduction to Meditation

Techniques to Reduce Stress & Anxiety

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